Resonate Podcasting

For topic experts who consistently get results for their clients, we offer the RESONATE Platinum Podcasting Production.

RESONATE is our turn-key, done-for-you podcasting production that gives you complete coverage.

With RESONATE, You are never alone. We bring simplicity to the complex process of planning, creating, and distributing a world-class podcast that gets found and leads your ideal prospects to your website so they can reach out to you.

We do the heavy lifting and help you every step of the way.

  • We coach you through your content map so you always know what to talk about on upcoming episodes.
  • We help you focus on building both authority & profitability
  • We Produce your Podcast and Distribute it to The Top 10+ Podcast Channels 
  • We notify your followers by posting your podcast on the Top Social Media Platforms
  • We send out an email announcement to your list
  • We post your podcast and text into a blog post on your website

As lifelong entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your time is highly valuable.  That is why our goal is to keep you working on growing your business and serving your clients at the highest level, rather than learn technical audio software, making graphics or posting on social media.

RESONATE is made for those who want to simply, click record, talk about your passion for a few minutes
c. Upload their voice recording…

and get back to business. We have created an experience that requires almost NO technical expertise.

If you have an admin or video/web person on staff, we can work with them to make the very most of your time.

The following is a complete deconstruction of our Premier Podcasting Service, RESONATE.

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